Logistics Officer

Logistics Officer


Logistics Officer

Details of the offer

- Graduate of Industrial Engineering, Logistics Management or any related courses
- At least 1 year related work experience in Logistics Management
- Has strong verbal and written communication skills
- Has strong analytical, organizational, and leadership skills
- Able to deal with all levels in the organization
- Able to develop close coordination with delivery personnel
- Team player
- Ensure effective, timely and cost-efficient delivery of goods to clients.
- Manage daily routes and delivery schedules of shipments.
- Develop close coordination and team work with the Assistant Supply Chain Manager from time to time.
- Prepare monthly delivery reports.
- Evaluate work performance and behavior of Logistics Personnel including Officers, Clerks, Drivers, and Helpers.
- Review and suggest work procedures that would help in the improvement of the existing operational flow.
- Assess and investigate reported delivery concerns such as incomplete delivery of items and delivery of wrong items to clients.
- Establish and manage relations with warehouse, sales and other coordinating departments.
Can develop close coordination to delivery personnel

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